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Kraze Series Week 3: Pirates of the Mediterranean

September 19, 2014

  In the early school years, learning about and following the rules takes up a fair amount of classroom time. It’s not just the teachers though. Young kids often focus on the rules—and who is following them and who isn’t. Think about it. When parents ask children the classic “How was school today?” question they [...] Read More

New Series in Kraze: Pirates of the Mediterranean

September 9, 2014

Children like to collect things: rocks, stuffed animals, Pokemon cards, trinkets from fast food restaurants, or whatever the latest fad may be. Yes, kids like their treasures; but then again, so do grownups. It’s probably why Jesus said: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will also be.” (See Matthew 6:21.) After all, we [...] Read More

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RT @Butterflyga27: Reasons to go to @mtnlakechurch besides the people? They had a mechanical bull last night

posted on Sep 30 @ 8am

RT @lindaebert: Great life group dinner tonight....ate WAY too much! @mtnlakechurch #LifeGroup #lovetheseguys

posted on Sep 30 @ 8am

Check out Pt. 4 of "Becoming an Original"

posted on Sep 30 @ 7am

What’s one thing Jesus is leading you to change about your life? Whatever it is, choose to do it today! Be an #ORIGINAL!

posted on Sep 30 @ 5am